Fashion perfectionist

TAYLA Josey isn’t ashamed to admit she’s a perfectionist.

The 19-year-old was barely out of high school when she founded her fashion label Neon Rose Design and said she had her creative mother to thank for her inspiration.

“When we were little, she made heaps of clothes for us and when she was my age, she had a little lingerie line she was trying to do,” she said.

“After school I didn’t want to go straight into an office job.

“I wanted to do something creative and I would have gone to uni if I could have studied fashion or interior design, but I wasn’t ready to leave Townsville.

“My mum taught me to sew and I came up with my brand name and started out.”

Josey said her mother’s tuition had turned her into a “perfectionist” when it came to creating her designs.

“If something is not to my standard, I’m not happy,” she said.

“I’ll take a while and it can be a bit slower, but all my garments turn out great.”

The former St Margaret Mary’s College student has so far released two collections, as well as a smaller collection of festival wear for the Groovin the Moo festival, held earlier this month.

She said her current designs were a departure from the bright colours and patterned prints that have dominated her previous lines.

“I’m working on a winter collection, which is something I’ve never done before,” she said.

“I love black and white, so it will probably be a lot of that.

“I’m working on a jacket at the moment, that I’m loving, with a leatherette peplum so there’s not as much colour as my other collections, but it will all be back (in time for this year’s) Townsville Fashion Festival.”

Josey, who is already stocked in Hunter at Castletown and Love Grace Bondi at Bondi Beach, said she hoped to expand her label by launching her own website in the near future.

“I’d like to develop more of a following of people who know my brand and get more of a flow in terms of making more stock and selling,” she said.

“My goal is to have a boutique here in the Townsville CBD which will be stocked with my own designs, but I’m also looking for other sellers in the long run as well.”


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