Stylists sharpen their skills

Townsville’s highly prized and successful hair professionals will showcase their artistic side when they present their hair models to the public at the Townsville Fashion Festival on Thursday Night.

Techniques Hair an beauty have been busily working and gathering ideas for the pas six onths and finally they can showcase their pieces in the them of Elements (wind, water, earth, fire) on opening night of the event.

Salon owner-stylist Lisa Fraley said events such as the fashion festival were ideal for any hair-dresser.

“It’s what being a hairdresser is all about – other than our wonderful clients, we love that side too – but this stuff on the side allows the girls too be creative,” she said

“Some of the ideas they have come up with are amazing.”

The opening night will inspire beauticians, styllists and hair-dressers to excel in their field, and promises to be memorable.

Ms Fraley said her stylists had come up with theadpieces and styles using the requirement elements.

“The are really adventurous and extreme,” she said. “The work the girls have done is unbelieveable and I can’t wait for people to see it.”

Ms Fraley, who is a picture of fashion herself, has been working as a hair stylist for the past 18 years and thrives on keeping up to date with the latest trends and fashion for her clients.

Opening Teniques 13 years ago, Ms Fraley admitted that being part of an event such as the fashion festival  was a huge boost to business.

She said it not only allowed the hairdressers to showcase their skills and creativity but also allowed the public to see their great talent.

“We also will be apart of the styling team for the fashion design parade on the Friday, which is great experience for our team,” she said.

“The fashion show not only asists development of their skills but it’s good from a business perspective as well. It allows people to see what ability our team have to offer and will help bring in new clients.”


By Natalie Parsloe

Townsville Bulletin

October 19, 2013

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